Meet the Baron: Jayme Nawrocki

Age: 34jaymeN

How long have you been a Baron? Two months.

How long have you been brewing? I have brewed 46 batches over the last 4 years.

What style do you brew most often? I am still experimenting and trying as many different styles as possible, but I usually always have an IPA on tap.

What got you into brewing? I listened to the Brewing Network when they first started and after about six months figured I would give brewing a try and haven’t stopped since.

How often do you brew? I usually try to brew once or twice a month making two five gallon batches at a time.

Do you brew solo or with other people? Typically solo but my father-in-law has taken an interest in brewing and he occassionally helps.

What is your favorite style and why? I like most styles and prefer to mix it up as much as possible. My answer to this question would probably change every time someone would ask, but for now I would say Porters or Sour beers.

What is your favorite beer? I will have to borrow someone else’s expression and say the one currently in front of me. There are too many good craft beers to choose only one. I do have quite a stockpile of Bourbon County Stout though.

What is your favorite brewery and why? Goose Island. I used to live five minutes away and really enjoyed all the great beers Wil was producing. Locally I am a fan of New Glarus. I like the creativity of the beers they make for their Unplugged series.

What is your commercial to homebrew consumption ratio? 50/50

What has been your favorite Baron meeting? I have only been to two and enjoyed both of them. I did have fun serving beer at the Barons booth for Blessing of the Bock.

Are you planning on working at this summers World of Beer? I haven’t volunteered yet, but I am interested in helping.