May 2017 – General Meeting: Eagle Park Brewing Co.

This month we welcome Jackson Borgardt of Eagle Park Brewing Company. Eagle Park is one of the new breweries to open their doors to the public in Milwaukee. Those of you who went on the bus trip might remember their brewery as the unplanned stop to the brewery above Enlightened. Following the bus trip I heard many positive stories from the Barons about their experience, we decided to reach out and have EPBC join us.

Eagle Park Brewing was founded by two brothers who live to write music and drink beer. Like their band, the brewing started in the garage, and like their songs, the beer tells a story. It’s a story of dedication and commitment to the craft beer community that comes through in every pour, every toast, and every taste.
Jackson says he “would love to talk about [his] experiences of converting from a home brewer to going pro and all the challenges and rewards with starting a brewery.” He also wants to talk about his plans for growing his brewery from one of the smallest in Wisconsin and diving into contract brewing with Octopi.

As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30 at Clifford’s and please remember to bring a tasting class (or two).

Photo Credit Eagle Park Brewing Co.

April 2017 – General Meeting: BJCP Night Discussing & Evaluating Beer

Have you ever asked someone what they thought about your homebrew and all they said was “its good”, “it’s hoppy” or “it’s malty”? While hearing your beer is ‘good’ is a great ego boost, more detail can help the brewer focus on making an even better beer. I am sure we are all guilty of providing feedback like that at some point in our lives. But how can you describe it differently?

April’s general meeting will be all about beer evaluation and beer-related vocabulary. We will sample homebrew and commercial beers along with a panel of BJCP judges and we will evaluate and discuss what we are tasting. The commercial beers will range from clean lagers to complex Belgian & barrel aged beers.

Last but not least, we will continue our pre-meeting tasting panel for anyone who has a beer and wants immediate feedback from a panel of Judges but do not have enough for all the Barons or are not comfortable having all members try their beer.

As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30 at Clifford’s and please remember to bring a tasting class (or two).

March 2017 – General Meeting: Yeast Parallel with Good City

March’s general meeting will be a hybrid Homebrew/Commercial night featuring a yeast parallel collaboration with Good City Brewing Company.

About 1 month ago, several Barons collected about 60 gallons of Irish Red wort from Good City and brought it home to ferment it with different yeasts or different conditions. Using the same wort, we can eliminate all of the variables associated with the brewing process itself and focus on fermentation characteristics.

Join us while we get an opportunity to sample all 12 of the examples side by side and discuss the differences from the yeast and comparing it to the commercial example. The meeting will start at 7:30 at Clifford’s.

We will also be welcoming Andy Jones, Owner and Brewmaster of Good City, to discuss his beer and sample what he has to offer. Andy is a graduate of UC Davis, has worked at Goose Island and most recently spent about 8 years working for Lakefront.

Heads Up!

  • Will not have room for member beers on the Jockey Box this month. Please bring some bottles to share instead!
  • The March Swap Meet will be happening before the meeting. It starts at 6:30. If you want to bring stuff to trade, please get there by 6:00. See the Swap Meet post for details.
  • Starting at about 7p we will have about a half-dozen BJCP judges available to give you immediate feedback on your homebrew. This is a great way to get feedback on your brews, without waiting for the next competition. The judges will give you constructive criticism, suggest ways to make improvements, and if any flaws are detected, they will help diagnose the source.

Photo: Good City

March Swap Meet – Updated

Dust off that unused brewing equipment (or ingredients) and turn it into cash – or trade it with a fellow brewer!

The General Meeting on March 22nd (at Clifford’s Supper Club) will feature a pre-meeting swap meet. Please bring any equipment you’d like to trade to the back of the hall between 6:00 and 6:15pm. The swap will run from 6:30 to 7:15. It will be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your brewery, or create some needed space.


  • The swap is not limited to just equipment
    • Bring any hops or grain that you would like trade
  • Please bring cash if you plan to purchase instead of trade
  • Remember to come early; it’s the early bird that gets the worm


February 2017 – General Meeting: 3rd Sign & Octopi

On February 22nd, we will welcome Sara Brauer, the Sales Manager of 3rd Sign Brewery and Octopi Brewing companies, and Sam Green the header brewer for 3rd Sign. Please join us at Clifford’s at 7:30pm for a fun-filled and educational evening as Sara and Sam introduce us to 3rd Sign and lend insight into the new contract-brewing outfit in Madison: Octopi Brewing.

Both 3rd Sign and Octopi are relatively new. Octopi was created as a one-stop contract brewing resource to help smaller breweries with everything from brewing, packaging and distribution. 3rd Sign is the in-house brand of the Octopi team.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. If you would like to bring a beer for the Jockey Box, please email the officers and let us know.

Lastly, if you would like to get some helpful feedback on any of your beers – without putting them on the Jockey Box – we will have a few of our club’s BJCP judges available to provide one-on-one feedback during social hour. Feel free to bring and bottle and find the judges!

Milwaukee Bus Trip: New Breweries


Tickets are now sold out

In 2016, Milwaukee had an explosion of newly opened breweries and tap rooms. We plan to make a day out of visiting a few of them. Reserve your spot with us as we travel our fair city on Saturday, February 25th checking out many of the newly opened breweries. The reservation is for the bus transport only – a safe and fun way to travel between destinations. Participants will be paying for their own beer samples and food as we travel from place to place.

This trip is for club members, with each member allowed to bring guests. We need to have 30 people signed up in order to make this trip feasible. If we do not get enough support, we will happily refund any reservations.

Here are some details:

We leaving the the Loomis Rd. Park & Ride at 11:30am and heading for Black Husky. After that we hope to hit:

We will return to the Park & Ride by 6:00pm.

All participants need to have a safe driver to take them home after the event.


January 2017 – General Meeting: Gadget Night IV

Happy New Year, Barons!

Spending the fourth Wednesday evening of 2017 watching our very own Dave Campbell present his latest do-it-yourself presentation is the best way you can ring in the new year. For the past 4 years, Dave has been inspiring us to make our own brew stands, temperature controllers, keg washers, flame shields, tap handles, and all other manner of gear for our brewhouses and taprooms.

Dave has a rich background in designing and fabricating all kinds of things. He is an Experimental Machinist Fabricator by trade and has a killer personal shop at his home, where much of our club’s DIY gear is prototyped. Dave also hosts small-group welding seminars for members, and a variety of club build days.

Come on by, and join us in learning just how far we can stretch our household budgets in the name of brewing.

The meeting will be held at Clifford’s on January 25th at 7:30pm. If you would like to bring a keg of homebrew for the Jockey Boxes, please contact and let us know.

Lastly, please remember that we are starting the membership renewal process this month. Club memberships officially expire at the end of January, so your 2016 memberships are valid for this meeting. However, we will be asking members to renew for 2017, and this can cause some delays in check-in. Please consider renewing your membership online to save yourself some time!

See you soon!



2017 Board of Directors Elections

Our elections will be held during our Holiday Party, on Wednesday December 21st. The meeting starts at 7:00pm. The elections will be held by secret ballot, with each member getting one vote for each position.

Here is the ballot:

  • President:
    • Jason Rohloff
  • Vice President:
    • Max Liptack
    • Joe Wichgers
  • Treasurer:
    • Mike Borchert
  • Secretary:
    • Steve Swanson
  • Sergeant At Arms
    • Mike Sande
  • Member At Large (2 positions)
    • Terry McDonald
    • Simon McConico

Each candidate will have a chance to introduce themselves before the election takes place.

A big thanks to the members stepping up to run for the 2017 Board! Best of luck to them all!

December 2016 – General Meeting: Holiday Party (3rd Wednesday)

christmas-beer_req7hmThe Beer Barons of Milwaukee invite you to attend our upcoming member meeting, Wednesday, December 21st at our usual location, Cliffords Supper Club in Hales Corners. Mark your calendars and don’t forget it is a week early this month in observance of the Christmas holiday.

December is our annual Holiday party. Cliffords will be serving broasted chicken along with sides. Please remember to bring a cold dish or dessert to share. We’ll have some great beers on tap, and will be holding our annual holiday giveaway too. Buy some tickets for a chance to win a 10 Gallon Kettle from Spike Brewing, or a variety of other great prizes.

To accomodate food service, we are starting the meeting at 7pm. Food will be served buffet style, and we will be randomly sending tables to get their food.

The meeting fee is $10 for members and $15 for guests. Be sure to bring some tasting glasses and money for giveaway tickets!

If you’d like to bring a keg to the meeting to put on the Jockey Box, please email the board ( in advance to let us know what you are bringing and we will give you $20 for your ingredients.

Happy Holidays!

Photo by: 

November 2016 – General Meeting: Belgian Night (3rd Wednesday)

14039718059_6e8a1c9852_zAll members are cordially invited to our 2017 edition of Belgian Night. Join us at Clifford’s on Wednesday November 16th at 7:30 pm. Please note that due to Thanksgiving we are meeting on the 3rd Wednesday in November, and not the fourth.

We are going to keep a similar format to last year with some blind tastings and fun surprises. Stick around ’til the end of the presentation and you won’t be disappointed!

Also, Ben from Spike Brewing will be coming by to show off Spike’s newly redesigned conical fermentor. He’ll be looking for feedback, so feel free to let him know what you think of it!


Image: Danielle Griscti