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Club Publications

The club has both a newsletter and member written articles available to the general public. This is in keeping with our primary mission to educate people about all things beer and brewing. We hope you enjoy and find some of these useful.


The Beer Barons of Milwaukee have a monthly newsletter called the Baron Mind which is available on-line.

Club Member Publications

This page is dedicated to the preservation of all articles written by club members, mostly for the Baron Mind. This serves to further show our appreciation for their efforts and provide valuable and entertaining information to everybody both in our club and in the beer enthusiast and brewing community at large.

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Brewing Tips
Brew Day Helpers


Beginners Brewpot

A series of articles written by Rich Grzelak in 1994 and 95 for beginning brewers and beer enthusiasts. These have a lot of the basics on beer and brewing.

Minutes of two Early Club Meetings

These were found in an "archive" (brown paper bag) by Esther Franklin - one of the first Officers - and are provided here as pdf images of the scanned originals.

First Meeting Minutes

February 1990 Meeting Minutes

Club Library

Check out the items available for loan in our club library! It's only available to our members. List and request for here

New (under test) Library.