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AHA Club-Only Competition

Club members can bring in their beers to the listed meetings; where the club will select one member's beer to represent the club for the National AHA Club-Only Homebrew Competition (NCOC). If you're interested in representing the club for a particular beer style, bring in three (3) bottles of your best brew to the listed club meeting (bottles must be 10-14oz brown bottles with no marking/labels. Please, no flip-top Grolsch style bottles. If you'd also be so kind, please fill out the 'Recipe Information' sheet and bring it in with your beer.

Erin Anderson is coordinating this event for the club so see herif you have questions or would like to submit a beer. You can email Erin.

Winners of the Club-Only Competition earn points for their homebrew club on a 12-8-4 basis for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Points from placing in the COC get Barons closer to becoming the AHA Homebrew Club of the Year!

To enter, bring 3 bottles to the Barons monthly meeting at Clifford’s. Bottles must be brown or green and 10-14 ounces or the entry will be disqualified. We’ll use one bottle to judge our local round, and send two bottles of the winning entry on to the national COC round. The Beer Barons will take care of shipping, entry fees and refund that meeting’s entry fee to our local winner. The winning Baron must provide a recipe along with the entry. Enter your beer in the Barons BrewBlog and you can easily print your recipe.

For further details visit and click on competitions to get to the Club-Only option.

Plan Ahead for Upcoming Competitions

2012-2013 AHA COC Schedule

Competition Style and Date
Club Member Entry
Due at this Meeting
Club Results

September 2012 – Light Hybrid Beers – BJCP Category 6

Aug 2012 Meeting  

October 2012 – Ant Hayes Memorial Burton Ale – BJCP Category 19A

Sep 2012 Meeting  

December 2012 – Un-Session Beers (OG>1.040) – BJCP categories 1C-E, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6C, 7, 8C, 9D & E, 10, 12B & C, 13B-F, 14, 15, 16, 17B, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.

Dec 2012 Meeting  
February/March 2013 – Barleywine Ales – BJCP categories 19B & 19C Feb 2013 Meeting  
April 2013 – Extract Beers Mar 2013 Meeting  


2010-2011 AHA COC Schedule

Competition Style and Date
Club Member Entry
Due at this Meeting
Club Results
August - Mead Nov 08 Meeting  
Jan/Feb 09 Belgian & French Ales (Category 16) Dec 08 Meeting  
March/Apr Beers with OG > 1.080 (See Dave for Categories) Mar 09 Meeting  
May 09 Extract Beers (Category 1-23) April 09 Meeting  


2009-2010 AHA COC Schedule

Competition Style and Date
Club Member Entry
Due at this Meeting
Club Results
Aug 09 Amber Hybrid (Category 7) Jul 09 Meeting  
Sept/Oct 09 European Amber Lagers (Category 3) TBD  
Nov/Dec 09Belgian strong (Category 18) TBD  
Jan/Feb 2010 English Brown Ales (Category 11) Jan 2010 Meeting  
Mar/Apr 2010 American Ale (Category 10) TBD  
May 2010 Extract Beers (Category 1-23) April 2010 Meeting  


For a complete description of all the BJCP categories, go to the BJCP web site. There you can download BJCP style guidelines.