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Homebrew Competitions

There are several competitions that the Beer Barons participate in as a club. The AHA Club-Only Competition is one that we enter as a club.

Midwinter Homebrew Competition

This competition is run by the Beer Barons and is in conjunction with Mid*winter Beer Festival in February at the Milwaukee Ale House. A lucky winner gets their beer ramped up at the Ale House!

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Germanfest Homebrew Competition

This event is run by the Beer Barons in conjunction with Germanfest in August. The winners are announced at Germanfest and awards presented on stage.

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The Schooner Homebrew Competition

This competition is held in Racine in conjunction with the Great Lakes Brew Fest. It's run by The Belle City Homebrewers (Racine), Bidal Society of Kenosha, and The Beer Barons of Milwaukee.

Much fun for all!

Scooner Compitition LogoSchooner Homebrew Competition Official Web Site (opens in a new tab)

Wisconsin State Fair Homebrew Competition

Beer Barons are No Longer Sponsoring or Running the Judging for the Competition.

This is the oldest homebrew competition in the state. The Barons ran the judging portion for the fair from 1990 to 2011 while the awards and results communication is run by State Fair staff.

The Beer Barons co-sponsored the event with the Wisconsin Vintners Association (several of whom are members of the Beer Barons) and The Purple Foot. The Beer Barons are no longer associated with the competition due to management issues with the State Fair that resulted in a large volume of complaints that were wrongly leveled at the Beer Barons. After years of dealing with these issues The Board decided it was time to end our association with the competition.

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AHA Club Only Competition

Competition Basics: The AHA Club-Only homebrew competition is the national homebrew competition that awards clubs for their outstanding efforts and products. The competition runs from August through May, ending in the National Homebrew Competition (NHC) Conference where the homebrew club of the year is crowned. There are six competitions during this August to May period, with each competition focusing on a predetermined BJCP style. Each club can enter ONE entry for each competition. Points are awarded on a 12, 8, 4 point basis for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectively. Additional points can be awarded to the club for individual entries in the NHC 1st and 2nd round on a 6, 4, 2 basis for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectively.

More details are on the Club Competition page.