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   Welcome to the new Meet the Baron page.  

     Here you'll be able to click on the member links below to learn more about your fellow Barons.     

  Jonathan Greene - Jan 2014
  Tim Minger - Sept 2013
  Joe Kolbach - June 2012
  David Hardeman - Feb 2012
  Bob Manke - Oct 2010
  Adam Small - Sept 2010
  Joe Keckeisen - Aug 2010
  Dave Glazewski - July 2010
  Dave Skreczko - June 2010
  Harazet Jimenez - May 2010
  Jayme Nawrocki - April 2010


Who are the Beer Barons?

The Beer Barons of Milwaukee, Cooperative is a group of over 200 homebrewers and beer lovers who meet monthly to learn about beer and brewing. New members are always welcome.


The club is open to anybody of legal drinking age. Current membership is $20/year for individuals or $30 for couples. Trial memberships last for 3 months and allow you to participate in club activities to get a feel for it before joining. If you want to join you can use our payments page, mail a check to the address at the bottom of the page, or just come to a meeting and pay there. Remember to include the name of the member on your check. Contact the treasurer with any additional questions. More Info

Some of our other club activities

  • Monthly meetings with presentations on brewing and beer, many with guest speakers.
  • Running Germanfest and Mid-Winter Homebrew Competitions and cosponsoring the Schooner HBC.
  • Running a BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) training program that has graduated dozens.
  • Run the World of Beer festival with beer tasting, seminars, and more each year.
  • Running the Midwest Brewers Scholarship Fund to send professional brewers to Seibel.
  • Bus trips to several Wisconsin and Illinois beer festivals.
  • Running Brew-U to teach basic through advanced brewing techniques.
  • Participating in several regional fund raisers for charity.