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Beer Judge Certification Program Education

The Beer Barons run BJCP Study Sessions periodically. These are open to anybody who wants to learn about the BJCP program or more about evaluating beer. You do not have to be a member of the Beer Barons to participate but members are given priority if classes are filling.

Scheduled Exams

Saturday April and May, 2012

Study Sessions

Each study session covers the brewing topics listed plus related beer styles and flavor evaluation. The next classes are scheduled to start in October 2011 starting with Sensory Evaluation of Beer then BJCP Certification Study Sessions starting January 2012.

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Current BJCP Program Judges

Name Current Rank Year Entering Program
Brian Joas Master/Mead 2009
Chris Belski* National 2004
Mike Schwartz National 2004
Bruce Buerger National/Mead 2008
Mike Rice Certified 1998
Jeff Enders Certified 2004
Lenny Beck* Certified 2004
Rich Heller Certified 2004
Nikki P Certified 2006
Tom Ciula (Grynder) Certified 2006
Terry Mayne Certified 2007
Mike Chaltry Certified 2008
Jeff Kane Certified/Mead 2009
Jason Heller Certified 2009
James Lewis* Certified 2009
Will Mueller* Certified 2009
Ken Megal Certified 2010
Dennis Ulander Certified 2010
Karl Riehl Certified 2012
Chad Sheridan Recognized 2006
Dan Schlosser Recognized 2006
John O'Brien Recognized 2006
Kori Kubusek Recognized 2006
Dave Van der Wegen Recognized 2007
Wendy Van der Wegen Recognized 2007
Mike Schindler Recognized 2009
Kelly Kramer* Apprentice 2006
Diana Kane Apprentice/Mead 2009
* No longer active in club (Sadly, they've moved away)