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Brew U Course Catalog

These courses are presented periodically as demand appears to be there, not on any set schedule.

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Basic Brewing - We used to have basic brewing classes but have incorporated that material into presentations during our regular club meetings. Please attend our meetings if you are a beginning brewer. Besides the presentations you'll meet a lot of experienced brewers.

300 - Advanced Brewing Classes

Experienced Brewers only.

Brewing 300 - Analyzing Beer

1 Session, Fee: $10
Learn the basic analysis process through discussion and sampling of example beers and ingredients to begin developing your palate.

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Brewing 301 - Intro to All Grain Brewing

1 Session, Fee: Free
Taking full control of your homebrew!
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Brewing 310 - Brewing Ingredients and Processes

2 Sessions, Fee: $20

In-depth coverage of how various ingredients and brewing processes affect beer character through discussion as well as tasting samples

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Brewing 320 - Recipe Formulation

1 Session, Fee: $10

Covers developing or improving recipes based on various ingredients and processes to achieve a desired predetermined description.

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400 - Seriously Advanced Brewing and Beer Evaluation Classes

These classes will be a combination of lecture and discussion. All include a lot of reading.

Brewing 401 - Flaws and Troubleshooting

1 Session, Fee: $10

Learn how to detect various flaws, the various causes of each flaw and ways to control the flaws. Consists of discussion as well as sampling flawed beers.

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Brewing 450 - Style Analysis

2 sessions per month Jan-March, Fee: $80 (Includes the cost of beer).

6 sessions covering all beer styles in the BJCP style guide. Each class consists of discussion of history, ingredients, brewing process and characteristics of each style as well as sampling of examples.

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Brewing 452 - BJCP Exam Prep

1 Session, Fee: $10

Tips and advice for studying and taking the BJCP exams as well as review any questions you may have about material covered in previous classes.

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Brewing 460 - BJCP Mead Training

If you're already a judge, expand your capabilities with the BJCP Mead Certification. Steve Piatz, Grand Master II judge and one of the people who developed the BJCP Mead program will teach this class so you get to learn from the best in the country!

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Brewing 480 - BREW (Brewing Review Education and Wisdom) session

This is part of the BJCP Continuing Education Program. It is an in depth discussion of three related beer styles. This discussion will include history, characteristics and brewing of the styles. There will also be a potential flaw discussed.

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500- Total GEEK

Special Topics in Brewing

These classes will be discussion, not lecture. Everybody is expected to do a lot of reading, contribute articles for everybody to read, and add their own input, knowledge, experience, etc. even if it's only questions.

Brewing 501 - Advanced Studies in Yeast

1 Session (3-4 hours) Fee: $25
Learn more than you ever wanted to about yeast, starters, reuse, propagation, storage, etc.
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Brewing 502 - Hops

1 Session (3-4 hours) Fee: $25
Hops in all their glory! Learn about different varieties, flavors, and methods of addition.
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BJCP Study Series

So you want to be a BJCP judge? This is the series of classes we run to get you ready and the recommended order that you take them. They build on each other so you need to start at the beginning and go through the whole series.

  1. 300 - Analyzing Beer
  2. 310 - Brewing Ingredients and Processes
  3. 401 - Flaws and Troubleshooting
  4. 450 - Style Analysis
  5. 320 - Recipe Formulation
  6. 452 - BJCP Exam Prep

See the regular listing above for descriptions of each class.

All BJCP Series classes are scheduled for 6:00 – 9:00 PM Fridays at Ray’s Wine & Liquor, 8930 W North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Course Schedule

All classes are run by volunteers so courses are scheduled as our members have time.

Courses are open to everybody of legal drinking age. You do not have to be a member of the Beer Barons to participate.

Current schedule and Contact/Enrollment Form

Most classes are at Ray’s Wine & Liquor, 8930 W North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53226

The BJCP series classes are offered in the same schedule every year. Other classes are offered as time allows. If the class is not listed with a date on the schedule that means there is currently no plan to offer it in the near future. Please don't sign up for classes that have no scheduled date, we just delete the email.