Meet the Baron: Dave Hardeman

Age: 34davehardeman2012

How long have you been a Baron? Over 2 years.

How long have you been brewing? Approx 2 years. Brewed extract beers for around 6 months then stepped up to All Grain and never looked back.

What style do you brew most often? I don’t feel like I stick to any specific style. But I admit I do like hoppy beers.

What got you into brewing? I always wanted to try brewing. I love cooking and to me it was an extension to that. It helped having friends and the club push me into it as well.

How often do you brew? 1-2 times a month. My wife loves beer as much as I do.

Do you brew solo or with other people? Solo mostly but it is always fun to brew with friends whenever possible.

What is your favorite style and why? I wouldn’t say I have a favorite. Belgians and Hoppy beers I like the best. I like sticking to styles but sometimes thinking outside the box is just as good. There are all kinds of good beer out there not in “style”.

What is your favorite beer? I love many Craft brewers, but no favorite. Bell’s, Stone, Dogfish, Three Floyds, Southern Tier are all up on the top of my list.

What is your favorite brewery and why? Hard Hops Brewery because I can make whatever I want.

What has been your favorite Baron meeting? I have always enjoyed all the Barons meetings. The Christmas parties and Unibroue (one of the Belgian meetings) are my favorites.

What is your commercial to homebrew consumption ratio? 50/50. I like variety so until I can have an endless amount of beers on tap I will probably always explore commercial beers. There are many beers I like to try but don’t want to drink 5 gallons of so a bomber or 6-pack is perfect.