Meet the Baron: Joe Keckeisen

Age: 37joekeckeisen

How long have you been a Baron? 5 months.

How long have you been brewing? 6 months.

What style do you brew most often? Since I have only brewed 13 batches, I would have to say IPA.

What got you into brewing? I enjoyed craft beer to begin with and after watching an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown brews a brown ale I was hooked. I knew once I started brewing, it would consume me. That’s just my personality. I held off for several years til the time was right and now it is my main hobby.

How often do you brew? At least twice per month.

Do you brew solo or with other people? Both – I have been having brew day parties where attendees must bring one bottle of craft beer to share and usually have some good table fare for everyone to eat.

What is your favorite style and why? Although a tough question because I’ll drink any style, I still am a hop head at heart and really enjoy big IPAs. The dramatic taste profiles IPAs bring to the table is never ending.

What is your favorite beer? My favorite year round beer is Weyerbacher Double Simcoe and seasonal is Founders Harvest Ale.

What is your favorite brewery and why? Although it may seem cliché, I really like Dogfish Head. I don’t necessarily enjoy all of the styles they brew, but the fact they are in the business for all the right reasons is impressive. I have met Sam Caligione on a couple different occasions and have exchanged emails and he truly practices what he preaches. The fact that he is not afraid of how much beer he sells using unorthodox brewing methods and strange ingredients is pushing beer to new areas.

What is your commercial to homebrew consumption ratio? Since my homebrew is starting to pile up in the basement it’s now 70% home 30% commercial.

What has been your favorite Baron meeting? The tour of Lakefront.

What is the next Baron function you plan on volunteering? Currently the wheels are in motion for me to roast a pig at this year’s picnic.