Meet The Baron: David Skreczko

Age: 36daveskreczko

How long have you been a Baron? 2 years.

How long have you been brewing? 8 years (1 year Extract) (7 years All-grain).

What style do you brew most often? I brew a lot of IPA’s and Belgian Style beers.

What got you into brewing? I love to cook. I think that brewing is a natural extension of cooking. I also grew up in a familywhere we made a lot of homemade wines and spirits.

How often do you brew? I try to brew 10 gallons a month.

Do you brew solo or with other people? I’m a better brewer when I brew solo, but I usually have people over.

What is your favorite style and why? Wow that’s a tough one. It’s like asking who your favorite child is. Belgian Dark Strong and American IPA’s are my favorite. For IPA’s, I love the citrus aroma backed up with a nice malty background. For Belgian Dark Strong’s, I love the caramel/malty/ melanoiden taste with a bone dry finish.

What is your favorite beer? Russian River’s Pliney the Elder double IPA is the best beer I have ever had. Bar none.

What is your favorite brewery and why?

  1. New Glarus unplugged beers because of the varieties they produce.
  2. Russian River because of their Double IPA and sour beers. If you’re ever in San Francisco you have to visit the brewery.
  3. Unibroue because all their beer are great and under $8.

What is your commercial to homebrew consumption ratio? 80% homebrew 20% Commercial.

What has been your favorite Baron meeting? The Lakefront Brewing Company meetings. It’s fun to walk around the brew house.