August 2017 – General Meeting: Malt with Abby Kanyer of Proximity Malt

This month we welcome Abby Kanyer, the Quality and R&D Coordinator of Proximity Malt located in Walkers Point. Abby will be discussing her history in the Malting industry, the malting process, and showing their progress in the commissioning of their 2 full scale production facilities located in Colorado and Delaware.

Along with Abby’s talk we have several beers brewed by fellow Barons made only out of Proximity Malt.

The Barons Officers recently held an officers meeting at the Proximity Malt location in walkers point, where VP of Operations Dave Kuske showed us around and walked us through the process on their “Mini-Works” system that is a working scale system of their full scale facilities.

We will also continue our successful pre-meeting evaluation panel of BJCP judges. Please bring a bottle for real time evaluation and feedback from some of our most experienced members.