June 2017 – General Meeting: Solemn Oath Brewery is back in Wisconsin!

Chris Geick, @almostoffthemap

This months general meeting we welcome Solemn Oath Brewery’s president, John Barley and Production Manager, Paul Schneider to discuss their beer and their SOB Story. Solemn Oath Brewery (SOB) is located in Naperville, Illinois and after a several year hiatus, has just recently began distributing in Wisconsin again!

SOB first opened in May of 2012, quickly became one of Chicagoland’s greatest startup breweries and through a half-decade of operation they have seen tremendous demand and a significant amount of growth that goes with it. SOB focuses on West Coast, barrel aged, and Belgian beers. Please remember to bring your own tasting glass for the meeting.

As a reminder – if you plan to bring homebrew to the meeting you must notify the officers of the club to ensure we have ample space on the Jockey Boxes. Last month (May’s General meeting) we had such a great turnout of homebrew we had to turn some of your delicious beer away.

As usual the meeting will begin at 7:30pm, with our BJCP Judges Beer Evaluation panel available at 7pm so bring a bottle or two of your homebrew if you want to get some realtime feedback from the judges.