May 2017 – General Meeting: Eagle Park Brewing Co.

This month we welcome Jackson Borgardt of Eagle Park Brewing Company. Eagle Park is one of the new breweries to open their doors to the public in Milwaukee. Those of you who went on the bus trip might remember their brewery as the unplanned stop to the brewery above Enlightened. Following the bus trip I heard many positive stories from the Barons about their experience, we decided to reach out and have EPBC join us.

Eagle Park Brewing was founded by two brothers who live to write music and drink beer. Like their band, the brewing started in the garage, and like their songs, the beer tells a story. It’s a story of dedication and commitment to the craft beer community that comes through in every pour, every toast, and every taste.
Jackson says he “would love to talk about [his] experiences of converting from a home brewer to going pro and all the challenges and rewards with starting a brewery.” He also wants to talk about his plans for growing his brewery from one of the smallest in Wisconsin and diving into contract brewing with Octopi.

As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30 at Clifford’s and please remember to bring a tasting class (or two).

Photo Credit Eagle Park Brewing Co.