April 2017 – General Meeting: BJCP Night Discussing & Evaluating Beer

Have you ever asked someone what they thought about your homebrew and all they said was “its good”, “it’s hoppy” or “it’s malty”? While hearing your beer is ‘good’ is a great ego boost, more detail can help the brewer focus on making an even better beer. I am sure we are all guilty of providing feedback like that at some point in our lives. But how can you describe it differently?

April’s general meeting will be all about beer evaluation and beer-related vocabulary. We will sample homebrew and commercial beers along with a panel of BJCP judges and we will evaluate and discuss what we are tasting. The commercial beers will range from clean lagers to complex Belgian & barrel aged beers.

Last but not least, we will continue our pre-meeting tasting panel for anyone who has a beer and wants immediate feedback from a panel of Judges but do not have enough for all the Barons or are not comfortable having all members try their beer.

As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30 at Clifford’s and please remember to bring a tasting class (or two).